adjective  un·fet·tered  \ ənˈfedərd \
Free, unrestrained, liberated

Less = More.

An uncluttered life is a gorgeous thing. Yet we seem to have an unquenchable desire to fill emptiness with more. Sometimes though, in spite of our busy lives, it feels like we should do more for this planet, but we don’t know how or where to begin.

Zero Waste ≠ Zero Style.

Do simplicity and sustainability mean letting go of style and fun? No! We can have incredible style with less: well-made, well-designed things—things that are meant to last. We can be comfortable, stylish and sexy without the newest of new products. There are ways. Let Unfettered show you.

You’ll find:

  • Products that make waste-free living not only attainable, but beautiful
  • Tutorials for replacing our cleaning, health and beauty staples with handmade versions that are equally effective and exponentially more economical
  • Artisanal products that are both durable and beautiful
  • Tips and sources for second hand and sustainable fashion and design
  • Ongoing conversations about simplicity, minimalism and zero waste, and how to create a lifestyle that fits each of our individual needs

Let us show you how a little change can create big impact. Let us show you how living with less opens the door for so much more.


Larkin Gayl, Founder

Larkin Gayl is an educator, mother, artist and entrepreneur. Raised by bonafide hippies in Northern California, her upbringing was filled with a wealth of naturally dyed wool, redwood forests, flea markets and folk music. Larkin’s last company, Old School, offered daily tips and online classes to its over 200,000 followers on a myriad of planet-friendly DIY projects, from the lost skill of repairing instead of replacing, to making one’s own health, beauty, and cleaning products from scratch. She aims to help people who want to do more for the planet find attainable, creative, and fun ways to make a difference by offering information and products that unfetter, empower, and inspire.

When she’s not working, Larkin is making something lovely, singing, or outside adventuring with her two wild little boys.

Have general questions or need information about wholesale accounts? Please contact larkin@unfetteredhome.com.